Spring and summer breaks are times when students take trips, vacations, or press pause on their academics. It’s supposed to be a time to forget about college. However, your conduct on spring or summer break can come back to haunt you on campus, especially if you’ve been accused of sexual assault. 

But can your institution discipline you for sexual assault allegations related to spring or summer break? This article tells you everything you need to know. 

What is Title IX?

Title IX prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex at colleges or universities that receive federal funding. This law requires post-secondary institutions to take reasonable steps to protect students from sexual violence on campus. It also provides support for survivors, ensuring they have the right to file a sexual assault complaint against another student or professor with their university. 

When a student files a Title IX complaint, the institution’s Title IX office/coordinator will investigate the complaint and determine if the accused is responsible for sexual misconduct. The office will typically interview the parties, speak with witnesses, and review relevant evidence (texts, video footage, etc.). They will also usually hold a hearing where a panel will hear testimony and evidence from both parties.

If the institution finds the accused responsible for violating its sexual misconduct policies, it will impose sanctions. These sanctions often include suspension or expulsion. The accused may have the authority to appeal the decision.

What Conduct Violates Title IX at My University?

Certain types of misconduct could run afoul of your institution’s sexual misconduct policies, including:

Title IX complaints usually involve acts of sexual misconduct that occur on campus. For example, they may revolve around alleged misconduct at a dormitory or another campus housing unit. However, you could still be named in a sexual assault complaint for off-campus conduct on spring or summer break in some circumstances.

When Does Title IX Apply To Spring or Summer Break?

Typically, Title IX applies to conduct on-campus. It can also apply to programs or events sponsored by or affiliated with the college or university. It does not typically apply to off-campus, extracurricular activities involving students. Therefore, Title IX generally does not apply to conduct on spring or summer break, even if allegations involve students who attend the same institution.

The only instance where Title IX or the student conduct code might apply on spring or summer break is if a student participates in a trip or event affiliated with the university.  

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If you’ve been accused of sexual assault at your college or university, you shouldn’t take the allegations lightly. You also shouldn’t make the mistake of assuming your innocence will prevail. Post-secondary institutions often demonstrate bias against the accused, whether conscious or unconscious. 

Having a legal advocate during the Title IX process can ensure your college follows its own policies and stays neutral throughout the investigation. Your lawyer can gather evidence of your innocence, protect your rights, and work to preserve your academic freedom and reputation. 

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