Com. v. Michael Mudd 19-F-867

Bullitt County (Shepherdsville) KY


  • Enhanced Possession of marijuana (firearm) – Felony
  • No motorcycle license
  • Failure to comply with helmet law
  • Operating with expired license
  • And facing probation revocation on previous meth possession charge

RESULT: Felony and all other charges dismissed, $250 fine for not having license in possession – no jail and not revoked on other case

Com. v. Michael York 17-CR-299 (murder) and 17-CR-301 (robbery)

Boone County (Burlington) KY

TWO CASES (both in Boone County)

  • Murder and Tampering with physical evidence

RESULT: Murder amended to Tampering with physical evidence

  • Robbery 1st degree

RESULT: Robbery case dismissed, Murder amended to tampering with physical evidence (10 years on two counts of tampering with physical evidence, parole eligible in 2 years)

Com. v. Larry Leatherbury

Two cases at the same time (both felony DUI charges with wanton endangerment attached)

Jefferson Co. (Louisville) KY, 19-CR-2502

  • Aggravated DUI, 4 counts wanton endangerment (felonies), fleeing/evading in vehicle (felony), * fleeing/evading on foot, resisting arrest, * menacing, * reckless driving, * disregarding traffic control device (“*” denotes dismissed charges)

RESULT: 5 years probation (on a 4 year sentence) concurrent with Nelson County Case – no jail

Nelson Co. (Bardstown) KY 18-CR-373

  • Aggravated DUI, wanton endangerment (felony), reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident

RESULT: 5 years probation (on a 4 year sentence) concurrent with Jefferson County Case – no jail


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