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Dropping Charges in Criminal Cases in Kentucky

If you’re facing charges as a defendant in Kentucky, understanding your legal rights and how the criminal justice system works is indispensable. One crucial aspect of this is knowing what it means to have charges dropped and understanding strategies that can be taken to make this happen.  What Does Dropping Charges Mean in Criminal Cases?… read more

Can My Probation Officer Search My House in Without a Warrant in Louisville, KY?

Are you sеrving probation in Louisville, Kentucky? If so, you should familiarize yourself with thе conditions and rules involved, еspеcially when it comеs to critical matters like an unexpected sеarch by your probation officer. Understanding thеsе paramеtеrs not only hеlps inform your actions while you’re on probation but also safеguards your rights if a probation… read more

What You Need To Know About Expungement in Louisville, Kentucky

If you’ve found yourself involved in a criminal matter in Louisville, Kentucky, understanding the concept and process of expungement is crucial. In essence, an expungement gives you the chance to essentially “reset” your criminal history, allowing for positive life changes like seeking employment or housing without worries over background checks. It’s also critical to understand… read more

Consent Laws in Kentucky

Consent can be defined as the ability to voluntarily and willfully agree to someone else’s proposition. For example, the age of consent for entering into contracts is typically 18 years. If a person is under the age of consent, the law presumes they lack the capacity to make an informed decision.  The age of consent… read more

What Proof Is Needed for a Restraining Order in Louisville, Kentucky?

In Kentucky, what are commonly called restraining orders in other jurisdictions are usually referred to as protective orders. They act as a legal barrier designed to safeguard individuals who may have been victims of domestic violence or other threatened harm.  For potential defendants, understanding how these orders work is key – from discerning between their… read more

Is It Illegal To Have Sex in a Car in Louisville, KY?

It may seem adventurous to meet someone or arrange to meet your partner and have sex in a car. Unless it is against the law, two consenting adults can have sex whenever they desire. However, having sex in a car in Louisville, KY, might break a few laws under certain circumstances.  Cars are not always… read more

Kentucky First-Offense Misdemeanor DUI Penalties

Navigating the legal system can be confusing and challenging, particularly if you find yourself facing charges that carry severe consequences, like driving under the influence (DUI). In Kentucky, DUI charges are taken very seriously.  The laws are strict and clear about acceptable alcohol levels for drivers, so it’s essential to understand DUI laws in Kentucky… read more

Do I Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer if I’m Innocent?

The common misconception often held by many is that only guilty individuals require the services of a criminal defense lawyer. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  Being innocent does not automatically eliminate the legal complexities associated with criminal charges. The following are some of the reasons it’s crucial to hire a criminal defense… read more

What Are Your Options? What To Do After Getting Your First DUI in Louisville, KY

If you’ve been convicted of your first DUI, you may feel a sense of anxiety. What are your legal options? What should you do now? DUI is far from uncommon in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. In 2020, there were 18,883 DUI arrests in Kentucky. This accounted for 6.4% of all arrests in the state. Of… read more

What Constitutes Criminally Insane in a Court of Law?

The “insanity defense” may be a familiar concept due to courtroom dramas on TV or certain high-profile cases, but it’s not as simple as it looks in the media. In reality, employing the insanity defense and proving that a defendant is criminally insane can be quite intricate and challenging. Pleading insanity is considered an affirmative… read more