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Surprising Things That Can Make You a Sex Offender

Being labeled a sex offender carries heavy social and legal consequences. Typically associated with acts of sexual assault or exploitation, several less obvious behaviors – and even misdemeanors – can also lead to this serious designation.  Understanding the full scope of actions that may result in being required to register as a sex offender is… read more

What Types of Warrants Are There?

Warrants are official documents issued by a legal or government official that grant law enforcement the authority to carry out certain actions as part of the legal process. They play critical roles in certain procedures undertaken by law enforcement.  For individuals facing potential legal issues, understanding the various types of warrants can be important because… read more

What Are the Penalties for Driving Without a License in Kentucky?

Understanding the law regarding driving without a license in Kentucky is important and something not everyone is familiar with. If you happen to be caught driving without a valid license in Kentucky, knowing the potential penalties and what steps to take next could significantly impact both the legal outcomes and your future driving privileges. Kentucky… read more

Your Rights When You Are Detained: Do You Really Get a Phone Call?

You see it on television and in the movies. A person is taken into police custody, and they demand their one telephone call. However, is this depiction accurate? Do you have the right to get a phone call after the police detain you or you are arrested in Kentucky? Being Detained Versus Being Arrested in… read more

 Are Sex Offenders Required to Notify Neighbors and Employers in Louisville, KY?

A conviction for a sex crime can result in severe criminal penalties. For example, you may be ordered to pay a fine and be sentenced to jail time. Additionally, most sex crimes convictions in Kentucky result in the requirement to register with the sex offender registry. Convictions for rape, sexual assault, and child pornography are… read more

The Steps of a Criminal Trial in Kentucky

A criminal trial in Kentucky follows a series of well-defined steps. Each ensures criminal defendants and victims can access a fair and unbiased trial.  If you or a loved one are involved in a criminal case in Louisville, Kentucky, understanding the steps of a criminal trial is important. A criminal defense attorney can protect your… read more

8 Tips for Hiring a DUI Lawyer in Louisville, KY

Facing a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) charge in Louisville, KY is a daunting experience. The decision to hire a DUI lawyer can significantly impact the outcome of your case. When considering who to hire as your Louisville DUI attorney, it is crucial to find legal representation that works best for you.  Dealing with a… read more

Felony vs. Misdemeanor DUI in Louisville, KY

DUI charges in Louisville, Kentucky, are serious offenses; having a clear understanding of the difference between felony and misdemeanor DUI charges is crucial. Consequences can substantially vary based on certain factors such as your past record, blood alcohol concentration (BAC), and whether children were in the vehicle during your arrest, for example.  Understanding what penalties… read more

Kentucky Sex Offender Registration

If you are a defendant facing sex crime charges in Kentucky, you need to understand the requirements and consequences of sex offender registration. Being included on a sex offender registry carries profound personal ramifications and substantial restrictions that can impact every aspect of your life.  When and For How Long Does Someone Have to Register… read more

When Is a DUI a Felony in Louisville, KY?

Most of the drunk driving charges in Kentucky are misdemeanors. However, you could be charged with felony DUI in some situations. The penalties for a felony DUI are much harsher than the penalties for a misdemeanor DUI conviction.  When Does Driving Under the Influence Become a Felony in Louisville, KY? Your prior DUI history determines… read more