Kentucky Law

What Are the Penalties for Driving Without a License in Kentucky?

Understanding the law regarding driving without a license in Kentucky is important and something not everyone is familiar with. If you happen to be caught driving without a valid license in Kentucky, knowing the potential penalties and what steps to take next could significantly impact both the legal outcomes and your future driving privileges. Kentucky… read more

Consent Laws in Kentucky

Consent can be defined as the ability to voluntarily and willfully agree to someone else’s proposition. For example, the age of consent for entering into contracts is typically 18 years. If a person is under the age of consent, the law presumes they lack the capacity to make an informed decision.  The age of consent… read more

Does Kentucky Have Romeo and Juliet Laws?

Romeo and Juliet laws have been enacted in many states to reduce or eliminate penalties for consensual sex between two minors or a minor and an adult close in age.  The primary objective of Romeo and Juliet laws is to ensure that consensual sex between two individuals close in age does not result in serious… read more

If a 17-Year-Old Girl Dates an 18-Year-Old Boy and They Have Sexual Relations, Is It Illegal?

Kentucky has strict laws regarding when a person can consent to sexual relations. The laws are designed to protect minors from being involved in a sexual relationship while they are vulnerable and still maturing.  What Is the Age of Consent in Kentucky for Sexual Relations? The age of consent is 16 years old in Kentucky…. read more

Why Isn’t There a Statute of Limitations for Murder in Kentucky?

Have you been charged with a crime that allegedly happened a long time ago in the Commonwealth of Kentucky? If so, you may be wondering how the prosecutor can wait so long to do so. A prosecutor can charge you with murder in Kentucky no matter how long ago it happened; this is because there… read more

Can I Use Pepper Spray in Kentucky for Self-Defense?

Pepper spray is a popular option for those that want to protect themselves against potential assailants but who do not want to go as far as purchasing and carrying a firearm. This option may make sense for many people. It then becomes important to consider whether you can legally purchase and use pepper spray for… read more

The Basics Of Assault And Battery Law

The phrase “assault and battery” is used so often that most people fail to understand the difference between the two. Although the word “battery” is meaningful in Kentucky civil law, there is actually no such crime as battery under Kentucky criminal law. Assault, however, is a crime in Kentucky. A generation ago, the aggressor in… read more

Can You Be Arrested for Cursing at the Police in Louisville?

Cursing at the police in Louisville might be your first reaction to being arrested or pulled over by a police officer. However, your first reaction might not be your best choice. While cursing at the police in Kentucky is not a crime by default, you could still end up facing criminal charges. Freedom of Speech… read more

What Is Considered Criminal Trespass In Kentucky?

You commit trespass when you knowingly enter another person’s land or property without permission. Criminal trespass in Kentucky is generally a misdemeanor offense, but there are situations in which you could be charged with felony trespass. You should not ignore criminal trespass charges. Depending on the circumstances, you could face significant jail time for a… read more

KOOL Kentucky Inmate Search: Kentucky State Penitentiary

The incarceration of a friend or loved one comes with many reasons for stress and concern. One of the most difficult aspects of a loved one’s incarceration is uncertainty. Once a person enters police custody, there’s minimal communication. You may not even know which facility or city in Kentucky they have been transported to.  Trying… read more