Criminal Law

What Constitutes Criminally Insane in a Court of Law?

The “insanity defense” may be a familiar concept due to courtroom dramas on TV or certain high-profile cases, but it’s not as simple as it looks in the media. In reality, employing the insanity defense and proving that a defendant is criminally insane can be quite intricate and challenging. Pleading insanity is considered an affirmative… read more

Bail Jumping Defense Attorneys

Bail jumping occurs when a defendant who has been released from custody fails to appear for a court date, and it is a serious offense that can result in significant penalties.  If you’ve been charged with this crime, contact an experienced Louisville bail jumping defense attorney to help you craft a strategy to reduce or… read more

What Are the Safest and Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Louisville?

From Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby to the Louisville Slugger Museum, there is much to attract people to Louisville, Kentucky. A major consideration for people looking to relocate to the “Gateway to the South” is safety. As one of Kentucky’s largest cities, Louisville has a reputation for being unsafe. Louisville Crime Statistics The Louisville… read more

Is It Legal to Live in a Camper in Your Backyard?

Over the last few years, there has been a growing interest in living in recreational vehicles (RVs) and campers full-time. As recently as 2018, it was estimated that more than 1 million Americans live in their RVs.  For many, the idea of being able to freely move about the country and bring your home with… read more

Latest Updates on the Breonna Taylor Case

The city of Louisville and the entire state of Kentucky have been closely following the story of Breonna Taylor who was shot and killed in her home by police officers on March 13th, 2020. The officers were at the home with a warrant to search for narcotics as it was suspected that Ms. Taylor’s ex-boyfriend… read more

Kentucky Self-Defense Laws

Individuals have the right to defend themselves from harm. However, a person could be accused of committing a crime, even though the person was acting in self-defense. Kentucky’s self-defense laws could help the person avoid an assault charge if the person was acting to protect themselves or another person. What is Self Defense? Self-defense occurs… read more

Could Kentucky go into Martial Law due to Coronavirus?

It is not likely that demands for martial law because of the coronavirus would be taken seriously by any state or federal government official. Our governments are not interested in turning over control to the military. However, stories about National Guard units assisting state governments in their response to the coronavirus have led to rumors… read more

Things Cops Do That Are Illegal: What a Police Officer Can and Cannot Do

Police officers are not above the law. When they make errors or cross the line into illegal conduct, they can be held accountable for their wrongdoing. A law enforcement officer may not commit a crime while on duty or off duty. In either case, the law holds the officer accountable for his or her actions…. read more

What Is a Criminal Defense Attorney and When Do You Need One?

The U.S. Constitution makes it clear that any U.S. citizen accused of a crime must be provided with representation. This can be by hiring a private attorney or using a court-appointed one. In some cases, you can also represent yourself in court. What exactly does a criminal defense attorney do? Is it important to hire… read more

4 Things to Remember If You’re Up Against False Accusations in Court

Why would someone want to make a false accusation? False accusations happen in divorces and child custody cases where one parent thinks the allegation will give them an advantage in court. False accusations can also be made regarding sexual harassment in the workplace, assault, or domestic violence. They can have real consequences both criminally and… read more