DUI Defense

How Long Does Alcohol Stay On Your Breath

A breathalyzer test calculates your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) by measuring the amount of alcohol on your breath. What most people do not realize is that alcohol can remain on your breath for up to 12 to 24 hours after your last alcoholic drink. Therefore, you could easily “fail” a breathalyzer test the morning after… read more

Top Reasons the Police Stop Drivers for DUI

The majority of arrests for driving under the influence (DUI) begin in one of two ways: you were either involved in an accident or the police suspected you of drunk driving. What gives police reason to suspect you’re driving drunk? This is important information to know because in order for the charges to stick, the… read more

5 Tips For Staying Safe on Thanksgiving Eve, The Most Popular Drinking Day of the Year

The holidays are upon us. Thanksgiving is right around the corner: a time when family and friends travel from near and far to reunite and spend quality time together. But before the big day is the big night. Thanksgiving Eve (the night before Thanksgiving) has become one of the biggest nights of the year for… read more

Can You Refuse a Breathalyzer?

If you’re pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving in Kentucky, the officer is sure to ask you to take a breathalyzer or field sobriety test. Just like every other state, Kentucky has its own laws about the rights of people pulled over by police. Kentucky’s implied consent law means that by simply getting behind… read more

Can the Police Take My Blood Without Consent? 

When the police pull over a suspected drunk driver, they will try to assess the driver’s blood alcohol content (BAC) in a variety of ways. One of the most accurate and scientific ways to go about the test is to take a blood sample. If you are stopped by the police and consent to such… read more

Girl Injured, Man Charged With DUI After Driving Car Into Louisville Area Home

A Louisville man is facing charges for DUI and reckless driving after plowing his car into a home and injuring a young girl. According to reports, 63-year-old Richard Bell blacked out behind the wheel, lost control, and drove into the side of a house on Candleworth Drive. A young girl was sleeping in a bed… read more

Man Driving Horse and Buggy Arrested for DUI

You don’t have to drive a car to face criminal  DUI charges in Kentucky. This is the reality 34-year-old Reuben Andy Yoder knows all too well. Yoder was arrested for DUI after his horse-drawn carriage collided with a car at an intersection in Smiths Grove. When officers arrived on the scene, Yoder had difficulty standing… read more

Can you get a DUI on an Electric Scooter?

Can you get a DUI on an Electric Scooter in Louisville?LOUISVILLE: FOR THE BIRDS? For the last couple of months, the birds have been flying about in Louisville. Not the fair-feathered type, friends, but the electric motorized scooters that are left at various locations around town that you can use an app to locate and… read more

Nursing Licenses and DUI’s in Kentucky

If you are a nurse – RN, LPN, or APRN, for example – or are seeking to become a nurse in the state of Kentucky, then a DUI may impact your eligibility to practice your trade. The Kentucky Board of Nursing reviews and approves license applications, as well as validates existing licenses. If you’ve been… read more

Aviation Pilot’s License: The Impact of a DUI

What happens when a pilot is charged with a DUI? Does FAR 61.15(e) require a pilot to report a DUI arrest? Does the local FSDO need to be notified? A DUI charge can ground pilots if handled improperly. But a single mistake doesn’t have to mean the end of a lifelong passion. With the help… read more