Kami Hunt 

Marketing Coordinator

After graduating from Western Kentucky University in 2015, Kami served as an intern at a local television station but quickly became interested in the marketing and advertising world, specifically in the area of legal marketing. “My role is so much more than the title reveals. As the firm’s marketing director, I have the opportunity to build relationships with vendors and clients. There’s a lot of reward that comes with being one of the key players who helps deliver the ultimate client experience.”

Suhre & Associates believes in treating clients the way we would want to be treated. This simple yet golden rule is what drives Kami to put her best foot forward each and every day – inside and outside the workplace. She often is the executor behind social campaigns but also the listening ear, the voice to the firm’s clients and their concerns or challenges. “No one expects to have to call a lawyer one day and go through a tough season; my goal is to do what I can to bring a little light to an unfortunate situation.” If you ever have any concerns, consider Kami the person to help facilitate or fulfill your specific need. 

When she is not developing relationships with Suhre & Associates clients’, Kami spends the majority of her time with her husband and furry feline, Ash. She also enjoys winding down her evenings with a home cooked meal, a glass of red wine and catching up on the latest series of TV shows.  

Mary Suhre 

Medical Nurse

When asked what values drive you, Mary Suhre says, “Integrity and open-mindedness.” Mary wears many hats at Suhre & Associates, including wife to owner Joe Suhre. She primarily serves the team as a registered nurse helping with evaluating medical records for each case that comes in. Mary has been in the game for a while, starting her nursing career nearly 22 years ago. She has worked in a variety of fields including oncology and bone marrow transplants. She currently shares her time in the field of pediatric cardiology research at a local Cincinnati hospital and reviewing medical records at the firm. 

One of Mary’s favorite quotes is, “Success in the sum of all small efforts, repeated day in and day out!” Hard work is definitely a part of her professional and personal growth. She is a big fan of The GaryVee Audio Experience. Earlier in 2019, the firm attended a conference where Gary Vaynerchuck was a keynote speaker and was thrilled to absorb the motivating message from the entrepreneur (and so much more).  

Mary is a big fan of the culture at Suhre & Associates. She sees the team as a hard-working bunch who have like-mindedness. “They [Suhre & Associates employees] see each other as valuable members of the team as a whole. Not one position is more important than another,” she says. When Mary is not working, she enjoys challenging herself in the gym, in fact, she has been a spin instructor for quite some time. She also finds joy in riding her horse. She recently placed at an event at the Kentucky Horse Park. Working out and her equestrian journey has shown to be an integral part of her motivators in life. 

It’s no question that Mary’s caring heart and positive mindset is an asset to those around her. That caring nature is often transferred to serving clients and what makes her a key member at Suhre & Associates. 

Amber Worthen

Client Intake and Relations Specialist

Loyalty and honesty are some of the values that drive Amber. Amber joined our team in 2020 and has been an asset from the start. She serves as our client intake and relations specialist. Her role at the firm is critical for measuring the success of not only our internal communications as a team but also curating a relationship with prospective clients. Amber also is the executor behind many client loyalty initiatives throughout their case. 

Prior to joining the team at Suhre & Associates, Amber worked as a secretary for a municipal court in the Cincinnati area. This role has helped her seamlessly transition as one of the team members on the frontlines of communication at the firm. Whether she’s partnering with our case managers to deliver an exceptional client experience or ensuring prospective clients are informed, Amber has a plan. In fact, one of her favorite quotes is, “You don’t plan to fail, you fail to plan.”. 

When she’s not pushing forward on the busy workload at the office, she can be found hosting open houses and advancing her real estate career. Her ideal ending to a long day is spending time with her son and sitting on her porch drinking a hot beverage, preferably hot chocolate or tea. 

Allyson Lyle

When asked what values drive her, Allyson holds herself true to committing to learning, finding balance and keeping the importance of respect at the top of her list. She joined the Suhre & Associates team in early 2020 and started making a positive difference out of the gate. She wears many hats at the firm, but primarily serves as a legal secretary and assistant. She can be found churning through administrative tasks and greeting callers with a delightful and welcoming message. 

Allyson really enjoys working in the close-knit environment that our firm has developed. While we have attorneys across Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky, we communicate as a team daily (thanks to the advancements of technology) and have frequent in-person meetings to collaborate on new ideas, processes and protocols. 

It’s clear that Allyson is an integral part of our firm. Outside of the office, Allyson enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, probably re-watching episodes of the TV show, Supernatural.