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KOOL Kentucky Inmate Search: Kentucky State Penitentiary

The incarceration of a friend or loved one comes with many reasons for stress and concern. One of the most difficult aspects of a loved one’s incarceration is uncertainty. Once a person enters police custody, there’s minimal communication. You may not even know which facility or city in Kentucky they have been transported to.  Trying… read more

5 Easiest Ways to Get Your Criminal Case Dismissed

If you’ve been charged with a crime, you are probably panicking and wondering how to get out of this situation. Criminal charges are scary and intimidating. They carry jail time, hefty fines, and they threaten your job and reputation. But not every charge results in the worst-case scenario. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can look… read more

What Does Bar Stand for in the Bar Exam or Bar Association?

The US court system, along with some of its terminology, is a source of mystery and myth to a lot of people. One of the most pervasive urban legends about the law is the origins of the term “the bar.”  You’ve probably heard of the bar exam and bar association, and you likely know they… read more

Prosecution Tactics in Domestic Violence Cases

If you’ve been charged with domestic violence, prosecutors usually have one goal in mind: they want to convict you. The prosecutor may use numerous tactics to achieve that goal. Some prosecution tactics may be underhanded, while a few of the tactics could blatantly violate your civil rights. Understanding prosecution tactics in a domestic violence case… read more

What Happens When a Domestic Violence Victim Doesn’t Want to Press Charges

Domestic violence charges are serious offenses in Kentucky. Unfortunately, law enforcement officers often err on the side of caution if they have any reasonable suspicion that someone committed domestic violence. If the police are called to your home for a complaint of domestic violence, you will likely be arrested.  In many cases, an arrest for… read more

Breaking Down Attorney-Client Privilege: What it Means and How it Can Affect Your Case

A client needs to feel secure when discussing a matter with a criminal defense attorney. They need to know that the information they share with the attorney will not be disclosed to a third party or used against them. Confidentiality is even more essential between a criminal defense attorney and a client. Why should a… read more

Classes of Felonies in Kentucky

A felony is the most serious type of crime. These crimes involve a potential prison sentence of over a year. This makes them different from a misdemeanor crime, which are punishable by a maximum sentence of only a year or less of jail.  What are the Different Classes of Felonies in Kentucky? There are five… read more

What Does Disposed Mean for a Case Status in Louisville? 

If you have questions about a case status, it is important to know that the court and prosecutor are not your friends. You are better off calling a criminal defense attorney with questions. If your case is still open and pending, you could incriminate yourself by talking with a prosecutor. Additionally, the court clerk and… read more

Is Mail Order Weed Legal in Louisville, Kentucky?

The answer to your question is “no;” mail order weed is not legal in Kentucky. Kentucky has not legalized recreational or medical marijuana.  Marijuana also remains illegal at the Federal level; it is listed as a Schedule I Controlled Substance under the Controlled Substances Act. This means that you could be prosecuted in state or… read more

Can You Be Prosecuted for Causing Someone’s Suicide in Kentucky?

Wondering if you can be prosecuted for causing someone’s suicide in Kentucky? The experienced Louisville criminal defense lawyers at Suhre & Associates explain what you need to know in this blog. You can be prosecuted for causing or assisting someone’s suicide in Kentucky. This is a serious felony crime and carries stiff penalties. Kentucky does… read more