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3 of the Most Frequently Violated Rights of the Accused

Being accused of a crime can be a difficult experience, but it is essential to know your rights as an accused. Three rights are frequently violated by law enforcement, and it is important to understand these rights so that you can protect yourself if they are ever infringed upon.  Keep reading to learn how each… read more

What Is Shock Probation?

The criminal justice system punishes individuals who break the law. However, in addition to punishment, the system seeks to rehabilitate individuals so they do not repeat criminal behavior. Rehabilitation can help criminal defendants get their life back on track. As part of rehabilitation, the federal government and many states use shock probation. Some evidence indicates… read more

What Are the Safest and Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Louisville?

From Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby to the Louisville Slugger Museum, there is much to attract people to Louisville, Kentucky. A major consideration for people looking to relocate to the “Gateway to the South” is safety. As one of Kentucky’s largest cities, Louisville has a reputation for being unsafe. Louisville Crime Statistics The Louisville… read more

The Basics Of Assault And Battery Law

The phrase “assault and battery” is used so often that most people fail to understand the difference between the two. Although the word “battery” is meaningful in Kentucky civil law, there is actually no such crime as battery under Kentucky criminal law. Assault, however, is a crime in Kentucky. A generation ago, the aggressor in… read more

Can You Be Arrested for Cursing at the Police in Louisville?

Cursing at the police in Louisville might be your first reaction to being arrested or pulled over by a police officer. However, your first reaction might not be your best choice. While cursing at the police in Kentucky is not a crime by default, you could still end up facing criminal charges. Freedom of Speech… read more

What Is Considered Criminal Trespass In Kentucky?

You commit trespass when you knowingly enter another person’s land or property without permission. Criminal trespass in Kentucky is generally a misdemeanor offense, but there are situations in which you could be charged with felony trespass. You should not ignore criminal trespass charges. Depending on the circumstances, you could face significant jail time for a… read more

How Often Do DUI Cases Go to Trial in Louisville, KY?

Many DUI cases in Louisville, KY do not go to trial. They may be resolved prior to the trial date because the charges are dismissed or reduced, or the defendant may agree to accept a plea bargain.  Your criminal defense lawyer can review your situation and recommend whether it is in your best interest to… read more

What Does a Dismissal Without Prejudice Mean In Louisville Criminal Court?

Being arrested for an alleged crime in Louisville can be one of the worst things in your life. It is confusing, stressful, and scary. On the other hand, having your criminal case dismissed can be one of the best days of your life.  Generally, when your case is dismissed, it means that the charges are… read more

What Are Your Legal Options If You Hit a Bike Rider With Your Car in Louisville, KY?

Hitting a bike rider with your car in Louisville can cause serious injuries for the bicyclist. A motorist may panic and not know what to do after hitting a bicyclist. Remaining calm and calling for emergency medical services is the first priority. Depending on the situation, you could face criminal charges for hitting a bike… read more

How Far Is 1,000 Feet Within a School Area in Miles?

Distance matters in the law. Criminal statutes use distances to draw out bright-line barriers that certain members of the public must obey. For example, sex offenders must follow specific distance guidelines when choosing where to live. However, determining this distance may be a challenge in some cases. Distance measuring formulas and starting and stopping points… read more