The Constitution states that the right for citizens to bear arms shall not be infringed. Still, there’s been much debate regarding the types of guns citizens can legally own. Many states have enacted laws that make it difficult to obtain and own certain firearms.

Perhaps you’re a responsible gun owner and a law-abiding citizen. You might want to know which states are the least restrictive in terms of gun ownership. This overview can help you understand the best states for responsible gun owners.


Alaska has the same basic federal laws and regulations pertaining to gun ownership as every other state. However, it has minimal statewide regulations. In Alaska, responsible gun owners are trusted to make common-sense safety decisions when purchasing and using firearms.

For example, in some states, a person buying a gun is subject to a waiting period. Some states also require gun sellers to conduct universal background checks on gun purchasers. There are no such regulations in Alaska.


Arizona has the second-lowest degree of restrictions on gun ownership. In fact, the only reason Alaska ranks slightly higher than Arizona is its gun ownership rate. Approximately 65% of Alaskan households own one or more firearms. In Arizona, only 46% of households own at least one gun. Nevertheless, firearm ownership remains a significant element of Arizona’s culture.

Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho

Rural states tend to be the most gun-friendly. After Alaska and Arizona, the next states with the fewest restrictions on gun ownership are Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho.

Gun ownership limitations are minimal in these states. They rank lower than Arizona and Alaska due to their concealed carry laws and restrictions.

The Worst State for Responsible Gun Owners

New York has the most restrictions on gun use and ownership. In New York, there are few restrictions on owning rifles and shotguns, which are typically used for hunting.

To own a handgun in New York, you must first obtain a permit to buy one. You must complete a registration process before you receive your handgun. Additionally, you need a license to carry a handgun.

Where a person lives in New York State can also influence their ability to own certain firearms. New York City has stricter regulations than the rest of the state. For instance, it can take up to six months to process a permit or license application in NYC. You may need to wait as long as half a year to receive a gun you’ve purchased.

New York State issues various types of carry permits to guard against unauthorized use of firearms. However, some feel these restrictions are excessive. For instance, some permits allow gun owners to share possession of firearms with others who live in their dwellings but not those who live outside of their homes.

Being a responsible gun owner may not be the only factor that influences your decision regarding where to live. For example, you may live in Louisville, Kentucky. If so, you likely have plenty of reasons to want to stay here.

The fact that Kentucky doesn’t rank as one of the top five states for responsible gun owners doesn’t mean gun laws and regulations here are particularly strict. However, it’s important to be familiar with them. If you’re ever arrested for violating firearm laws or laws related to carrying a concealed weapon, an attorney can help.

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