Why Suhre & Associates is the best Criminal Defense Firm for you in Louisville

At Suhre & Associates, they believe their knowledge, experience, success, and recognition are only important when it helps you and your criminal case in Louisville and surrounding areas. Providing you with the best criminal defense comes first to Suhre & Associates.

What Suhre & Associates does for you

If you have been arrested for a DUI in Louisville, you may feel intimidated and confused. Suhre & Associates understands what you’re feeling. They will help you feel comfortable with the process and show you what were facing together and discuss all of your options. Suhre & Associates will help you prepare for each step while they create a criminal defense to minimize the intrusion your charge may have on your life. They also fight for your future by negotiating your charge to have negligible effect on your goals or career plans.

How Suhre & Associates does it

Your charge and it is possible penalties are very personal to you. Even though Suhre & Associates has handled countless criminal cases, they recognize you haven’t and take the time to explain the details of your case and what they can do for you. You will find that our knowledge of how your criminal case should proceed will take most of the worry out of your situation.

Suhre & Associates experience has made them familiar with all the nuance of court policies and procedures in and around the Louisville area. They know the preferences of the various judges and adjust your criminal defense accordingly. Additionally, they are also able to quickly spot weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and exploit them. They can fight to have your charge reduced or even dismissed based on the merits of the prosecution’s case.

Suhre & Associates employ thorough investigation techniques to determine all the variables of your criminal case while they create your criminal defense. Joe Suhre is a former police officer who uses his investigative experience and training to properly investigate your criminal case. If needed, they have experts to challenge questionable evidence.

Vigorous follow through.
Suhre & Associates experience shows you the importance of taking care of details. They don’t overlook important points that can make the difference in the outcome of your criminal case and know how to implement a successful criminal defense from fighting your charge to obtaining a favorable verdict.

Why is Suhre & Associates best for you?

The main reason you should retain Suhre & Associates is you. You want to have top-rated criminal defense attorneys you can feel comfortable with, who have the knowledge, capability, willingness to fight for you and who have the experience to assure you of your most favorable outcome.