Professional Licenses and a DUI

If you are a professional such as a doctor, pharmacist, lawyer, engineer, or teacher, then you may be wondering how a DUI could affect your livelihood. Besides the damage that a DUI can do to your professional reputation, it could also land you in front of a professional licensing board and cost you your job.

If you are licensed by any state or national organization to perform a service, then being charged with DUI can put your license, employment, and reputation at risk. As a fellow professional, I understand your concerns, can help you identify exactly what your exposure is, and assist you with any administrative hearings or review boards that may take place outside of court. Call Today 502-371-7000

DUI Case

A Grateful Client

“Joe Suhre is the best attorney you will find to represent you. Along with having a stellar reputation in the legal community, I can also speak from personal experience that Joe is a highly skilled litigator and secured me Not-Guilty decisions on 2 separate DUI charges! Unfortunately, I was pulled over pending my first DUI charge, and charged with a second DUI. Joe navigated every legal issue involved and coached me through the process so that I could monitor the situation as it unfolded.”

DUI Case

A Relieved Client

“Joe Suhre represented me on a DUI case and made an extremely stressful situation much more tolerable. Throughout the process, Joe was easy to get in contact with, extremely responsive, and highly motivated to get me a decision of Not-Guilty! Joe made me feel like his only client, and went above and beyond on several occasions to explain to me the particular hurdles of my individual case. Joe proved himself to be a complete professional and skilled expert in his field time and time again. Joe secured me a decision of Not-Guilty!”