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If you are on probation in Louisville, Kentucky and have been accused of a violation, you need a Louisville probation violations lawyer from Suhre & Associates to have your back. Our criminal defense lawyers have successfully helped thousands of clients facing allegations of unlawful conduct, and we want to fight for you.

Probation and parole violations are very scary. Unlike normal criminal charges, the state does not need to prove these allegations beyond a reasonable doubt to revoke your probation or parole.

Instead, your probation officer only needs to prove the alleged misconduct by a preponderance of the evidence, a much easier burden for the state to meet. 

Your freedom is too important to risk doing it alone. Don’t mess around with your future, call Suhre & Associates at (502) 371-7000 or contact us here to get the experienced legal counsel and defense you deserve. 

How Can Our Criminal Defense Lawyers Help With Probation Violations in Louisville, Kentucky?

How Can Our Criminal Defense Lawyers Help With Probation Violations in Louisville, Kentucky?

Suhre & Associates Louisville criminal defense lawyers know exactly what to do to defend you against alleged probation violations in Kentucky.  Our aggressive, proactive approach to criminal defense means we try to put you on the offensive, and put the state on its heels.  

We have the experienced team of former prosecutors and police officers that you need on your team. Probation officers (PO’s) know they can’t play games or railroad you when you show up with a member of our legal team.  For example, founding attorney Joe Suhre was a police officer for five years before going to law school.

Fast forward 20+ years later—Joe’s track record of satisfied clients speaks for itself. As a criminal defense lawyer, he uses his police training to your advantage. When you hire us, we will review every police action for constitutional violations.  When we find them, we fight to have evidence thrown out of your revocation hearing so that it can’t be used against you.

Some of the steps we take when you hire us include:

  • Advising you on your rights
  • Having our investigators interview witnesses
  • Gathering favorable evidence of your innocence
  • Arguing that certain evidence or statements cannot be used against you
  • Negotiating with your probation or parole officer for a sanction rather than a revocation

Probation revocation hearings and parole revocation hearings are an uphill battle. Our team understands how scary this can be.  We prepare thoroughly to defend against each alleged violation to try to keep you on community supervision.  

If you need help defending against probation violations, contact our Louisville, KY law office today.

What is a Probation Violation in Louisville?

When an offender is placed on probation or parole, they have conditions imposed on them by the court.  Every person on community supervision has a unique set of conditions that they are subject to.

Some of the common conditions include:

  • Absolute sobriety with drug and alcohol testing
  • Periodic meetings with a probation officer or parole officer
  • Obtaining employment
  • Avoiding certain individuals
  • GPS monitoring
  • Avoiding all new law violations
  • Participating in a treatment program (mental health, substance use, sex offender treatment)

Failing to obey each and every condition of probation or parole can lead to a warrant being issued for your arrest. Once in custody, if there is probable cause a violation occurred, the state can proceed to a revocation hearing. If it is proven by a preponderance of the evidence (more likely than not that it occurred), the state may revoke your probation.

A revocation means you are required to serve the rest of your sentence in jail or prison, instead of on community supervision. Depending on your unique situation, this could mean months or even years of time behind bars.

What Defenses Are Available to Probation Violations in Louisville?

There are two main defense strategies when dealing with an alleged probation/parole violation in Louisville Kentucky. The first strategy is to try to prove that the alleged violation did not occur. This is done similar to a defense to any other criminal charge, such as a DUI or assault.

The other strategy unique to probation violations is to prove that mitigating circumstances existed. Mitigating circumstances make a violation seem far less serious. Essentially, you explain sympathetic facts surrounding the violation. The hope here is that by mitigating the violation, your PO will choose not to revoke your probation, but will instead impose a sanction.

Sanctions, also called ATRs (Alternatives to Revocation) are still serious, but not nearly as bad as a revocation. A sanction could be sitting out a short jail sentence. Another type of sanction is to go to an intensive inpatient treatment program, which is common for substance abuse issues. The final type of sanction is moving into a halfway house.

You should call your criminal defense attorney as soon as possible when you are accused of violating probation or parole in Louisville Kentucky.  They will advise you of your rights and work to determine the best course of action. 

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